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Steed and Tara follow a chain of couriers passing a sophisticated briefcase that's carrying a large payoff for an unidentified traitor within the government.

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original title: Take Me to Your Leader

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Romance,Sci-Fi,Thriller

duration: 52min

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Steed and Tara follow a chain of couriers passing a sophisticated briefcase that's carrying a large payoff for an unidentified traitor within the government. A red attaché case is being transported by a chain of enemy agents though the avengers are unsure of its contents and its ultimate recipient - believed to be a traitor in the government who will receive a large pay-out on delivery. Having beaten the couriers and obtained the object in question Steed and Miss King must use their musical skills to - literally - crack the case. There is a high level traitor operating within the ministry and the only way to identify him is to follow a mysterious red case through a chain of contacts. The case can't be opened by anybody but its final recipient or it will explode and each member of the chain must follow precise instructions from a recording within the case which is activated by their own key. The keys themselves vary; most are regular keys but there are also vocal and musical keys required to get it to deliver its message. Steed and Tara manage to intercept the case and follow the chain; each time they meet the next contact they must either acquire the key or trick the contact into giving the necessary details. The contacts are quite varied; a young girl at a ballet school, a karate instructor and a musician to mention just three.

This episode is based on a fairly simple idea but it works perfectly; the talking case is an imaginative idea and the chain of couriers is interestingly varied. Each of the links led to an enjoyable meeting with the next contact; the most fun being the young girl who extorted a bribe from Steed and Tara's fight with the karate instructor. There were plenty of exciting moments along the way and for once the bad guy nearly gets away with it but ultimately slips up in a rather simple way which I won't spoil here. The cast, both regulars and guest stars perform well in an episode which is classic Avengers in style without some of the more silly elements of many episodes. Ever wonder what Michael Robbins was doing before he became 'Arthur' in 'On The Buses'? Look no further. This 'Avengers' caper casts him as 'Cavell', an enemy agent. Sporting a wig and wearing a smart suit, he looks unusually dapper by Arthur's standards. And he gets to fight Tara!

Penned by Terry Nation, the plot has Steed and Tara coming into possession of a red briefcase which is carrying information as to the identity of a top level traitor. It cannot be opened as it is booby trapped. When the correct key is inserted into the lock, it talks - giving the name of the next contact. Our heroes follow it from one location to another, from a seedy hotel to a dancing school for girls to Captain Tim's ( John Ronane ) karate school.

A novel idea and it's well executed; Robert Fuest's direction being noticeably less flashy than usual. As well as Robbins, you'll find Penelope Keith as 'Audrey' ( no, not the frightful 'Audrey' of 'To The Manor Born' ). This 'Audrey' is a snooty dance teacher. Her niece, Sally ( Elisabeth Robillard, giving an excellent performance ) is the real contact! A good all-round episode.


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